“Hello, Honda Lovers!
I wanted to tell you a short story about how Honda has helped me find my love and happiness. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I’ve been single for a while, struggling to find Mr. Right, trying various Internet dating sites, but the guys that were messaging me…well, they were just looking for an easy date, never anything serious. Then, in July, I bought a Honda Civic Sport and I immediately fell in love with that car. All I could think about and speak about was my Honda…I even uploaded a photo of my Honda on the dating site, where I was present I was on and named that picture ‘My Precious.’ And I must say, my Honda has worked its magic! Suddenly, I started receiving more messages and they were completely different. Guys kept asking me what kind of Honda I have and if I like it—and saying that if I am driving a Honda, I must be a ‘cool girl’ and they want to meet me and get to know me. After just a few dates I’ve found my love, my happiness, and we’ve been together ever since then. He has a Honda motorcycle, so when he saw the picture of the Honda on my profile, he messaged me immediately. We are such a perfect match—both Honda lovers, into marketing, design and such trends, ambitious, the same sense of humor, the same way of looking at things—and I’ve never been happier in my life! I believe he’s the one!
So last summer I feel in love twice—with my Honda Civic Sport and then with Michael. And I owe it all to one simple picture of my Honda that has worked it’s magic and pulled him to my profile and convinced him to message me. Thank you, Honda—we’ve #StartedSomething Special!”—Gosia R.
Honda invites fans to #StartSomething Special and share their unique stories.

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